Tuesday, August 2, 2016


We are learning about Japan . We read and watched information online about what makes Japan special and its important features. Information was displayed using ExplainEverything. Our final videos were shown as a class assembly item last week. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Timmy the Train

We are learning about significant places around Kawakawa. Room 8, 12 and 13 caught the train from Kawakawa Station to Taumarere Station. Our train conductor told us some historic facts. 

- Kawakawa town used to be next to Taumarere Station.
- Kawakawa Primary School began at Taumarere.
- There used to be a port at Derrick Landing.
- There was a race track at Taumarere.
- Timmy the train came from England.
- People from overseas like Timmy the train because he runs on coal. 


We are learning about how to look after our teeth. 
Brush Ins with Whaea Gina

  • When brushing our teeth we sing the happy birthday song for the top teeth and hari huritau for the bottom teeth.
  • We talked about which drinks are the best to have, fizzy for special occasions. Water is the best.
  • Foods we should eat lots of - yoghurt, fruit, vegies, meat, nuts, milk, cheese
  • The dental caravan is super cool, with a cool dental chair.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Marae Noho

We are learning about significant places around Kawakawa. Yesterday we visited Ruapekapeka Pa. Matua Alb and Whaea Aniata shared their knowledge of Ruapekapeka Pa. 

Some people lived in the holes in the olden days. Taiarahia

I liked the big ditches and I liked the big Maori pole. By Mahina

Ruapekapeka helped some Maori people. Cage 

I saw some big holes and big hills. By Manawa-Rangi 

Maori people worked as a team at Ruapekapeka Pa. Kahukura 

I liked running around the holes. The Maori soldiers used to live in the holes. By Nikau

I saw some holes in the ground and some big trees. By Sonny T. 

I liked the holes. People used to live there. Righteous

I ran around the holes. The war men lived in the holes and hid in the holes. James 

I remember running in the ditches and I saw lots of mushrooms. Kyla 

Ruapekapeka is important for Maori people. Erica

Monday, May 9, 2016

Marae Noho

We are learning about significant places around Kawakawa. We have used Explain Everything to brainstorm what we already know about Ruapekapeka.